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EMP Medical Services, Inc. (EMP) is a Florida leader in designing and operating managed care solutions that deliver quality care to over 500,000 Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid insured Floridians. We bring together the delivery of Durable Medical Equipment, Skilled Nursing, Respiratory, Pharmacy (infusion & injectable), Rehabilitation and Social Services via our statewide network is of reputable community based providers.

All of our participating providers have proven clinical and management teams with Quality Assurance Activities to include clinical record reviews, audits, customer and provider satisfaction surveys. Additionally, many of our statewide network participants are accredited through JCAHO or CHAPs and are also Medicaid and Medicare Certified.



EMP is dedicated to meeting medical, respiratory, pharmacy, equipment and social service needs of our patients. We have developed a collaborative model of care that support our health Plan Partner's desire to provide a viable solution that simplifies access to ancillary services through our “One Point of Entry” process.



Our medical management program promotes the delivery of health care and services in an effective cost efficient manner. Our program continually monitors and evaluates the adequacy and appropriateness of the delivery of health care and services. The focus of our medical management program works to prevent over and under utilization of care and inefficient use of resources.



Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Qualified multi-lingual personnel are ready to respond to emergencies, answer questions, troubleshoot and fill urgent orders. Customer Service is our Top Priority. Our unique surveying methods and follow-up programs ensure that protocols are working to deliver quality services. Providing quality customer service is the number one commitment of all of our staff as directed by leadership.



EMP combines complete coordinated home care with experienced professional and quality products for Medical Management in collaboration with our Health Plan Partners via:

• Medical Necessity Determination
• Network Development/Management
• Claim Processing

We provide flexible reimbursement methodologies with guaranteed cost savings to meet the different needs of your organization:

• Administration Fee with Shared Savings
• Capitation
• Fee-For-Service

Medical Management

Our Utilization Management promotes the delivery of health care services in an effective cost efficient manner.

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Clients Partners

EMP is the management company of choice providing consolidated home health care services for health plans.

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Career Opportunities

Our diverse employee population shares the company's commitment to quality healthcare and performance.

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